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Hi I'm Marcia Brock, born September 1975, I am a mother, partner and business lover, who was raised between England and Jamaica. I enjoy social media, impactful events along with  creating memorable days. I love IT and became a Project Director and have worked on projects to help the community, locally and internationally. I am a cancer and lupus survivor and manage a condition called EDS, that I raise awareness for.

I became an author to help people with chronic conditions


Surprisingly to me I became the UK's youngest Microsoft female engineer in the 90's and followed up with being the first Black woman to gain the Cisco Wireless Networking qualification.


I have worked internationally with banks, hospitals, tech companies SME's and community projects, which lead on to me winning awards as an IT and  community specialist. During my 20+ career I have met with JayZ, Sophia Stewart aka Mother of The Matrix, The Smartest family in the UK 'The Imafidons', The Queen and Bill Gates.




I founded 'Smart' in the early 2000's, and been part of numerous projects helping to bring Smart to the world.


I'm now yet again to my surprise classed as a Thought Leader as I founded Trinity Collective, Smart World, SmartKid, Brown Talent, London Bridge Ladies Who Latte, and Co-Founded WeRockTeam with movements called AllGirlsRock & AllBoysRock.  Also Projects: Rock Brand, Unity in the Community, Black Love,  Black Unity England,  Wealth Makers, Forex Education, a Author and more. 

In my 40's I started my journey as an author.



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Yoga With Marci
Southwark Soul Purpose 360
This May is #edsawarenessmonth _cassandra_a_campbell and _marcia_brock have been living with Ehlers
#MarciaBrock #Talks  #SmartWorld #CloudOpps. #Connecting  the world the smart way
edsawsrenessmonth @ehlersdanlosuk @eds_u
Black Women Talk Tech
#TB to a few years ago  @blackunityengla
#TEAM #thebest #lovetheseladies #superbeautiful #superbusinesses #SuperSuperSuper #focused #empire #
#Tee #MsMMosiahGarvey #London #revoultionarymode #blackunity
The love is real
About last night.... #AwesomeYou was absolutely #AWESOME _sherryanndixon you and your team done an a
2015 was amazing with _smartkiduk #thankyouagain _metrobank on to #2016
About last week.. #lupusawarenessmonth Put on purple for lupus
#allboysrock #excited
_werockteam_uk THANK YOU #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #
#AllGirlsRock the movement is confirmed..
This!!! I truly love this pic
Looking forward to being on the panel with Women who inspire in tech _inspirational_u _stemettes _br
_youngladiesclub #allgirlsrock _werockteam_uk at _ASOS head offices for #witasos #womeninIT #greatev
_soapconnoisseur products are my bathroom favourites #nofilter #justlipstick no other make up..
#MeisWe #businesspartner #limitedpicturetaker #lovehertobits #SuperSerena #SerenaRena #SerenaSerena
_goodazgoldevents last group picture #networking #businessspeadnetworking promoting _werockteam_uk #
_ltlnation got me talking about how when I first started up in IT 20+ years ago, I used to have to s
I'm thankful for this trip with the #trilateral musical youth exchange
#Repost _otuedon__・・・_The lovely marcia with her otuedon dress from today _popupafrica #rocking the
Me in carnival mode.jpg.jpg.jpg
_Indian #WestIndian_ in Bond voice
🔥#This is what's happens when the #QueenOfQuotes see a picture
Me #nofilter #marciabrock
#TB to last week.. Looking forward to turning 41 this September 🎉🎉
#Rastababy enjoying _bcaheritage



Lisa Newton

Bookeeping Expert and serial business owner.

"I've known Marcia for over 10 years now. Throughout all this time she has been a remarkable force despite the illness and having a recurring life-threatening condition appear more than once. She is very organised, a team player who looks more to collaborate than to compete and in this day and age with people being very cut-throat and all out for themselves, Marcia's behavior and work ethic is a true breath of fresh air. She 's very well connected due to the business health checks shes done with lots of businesses and a very competent and capable individual. I always admired her tenacity and I've found her to be genuine, very helpful and honest."



Artist and philanthropist.

"Marcia has been a beacon of light, she has held my hand when I've needed hand holding, shes given me tips, strategies to move forward with my project and to make sure things are happening. She has suggested so many different things that have helped me, especially using technology. How to make it work for me, how to plan, how to use it more effectively so my project can move forward. At the time I had a lot going on personally and although shes there to the support the project moving forward., so shes also been there to support me. I just want to thank Marcia, I really do recommend working with her, as the way she approaches working is very holistically and and she really tries to find solutions, or help you to find solutions."


"Thank you to Marcia Brock, I did a business audit with her this morning, We went through all the different projects I'm working on, she gave me some clarity, she gave me some good advice, she also gave advice, around funding and things like that I was not aware of. It was very very useful, 5 stars". 

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